About Us

We Are Ethete


Our team is here to recreate classic menstyle and Italian lifestyle with a help of small business tailors and designers.

All of us are aware that fashion industry, although very popular and glamorous, is very competitive and sometimes unfair to small businesses. Besides that, with world moving in a faster pace and fashion styles and senses changing rapidly, we want to provide you with a classic, evergreen style that is at the same time fashionable and affordable.

We aim to recreate a connection with tools and accessories used in every day life. Starting by curating the highest quality goods from real makers selected with care according to their devotion and passion and having fair trade on mind.

Although our shelves are carefully curated, we stock an array of different items for different individuals. Amongst which, you’ll find: handcrafted leather goods, apothecary, grooming tools, apparel, outdoor necessities, travel & home goods.

We aim to rebuild an awareness of the humanistic value behind items we use everyday. To know where things come from, how they are made & by whom. We hope you’ll join us in this movement & spread the word about what we should all stand for.

We don’t want you just to look good, we want you to feel good. Our inspiration is Italian lifestyle, very trendy but also casual and lose. Although style itself cannot be bought, it can be owned and we are here to help you with it.