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Alligator Belt | Space Coast Florida

Alligator Belt

There are few men’s accessories that are as timeless as an alligator belt.  Alligator tanning dates back to the late 1800s and early 1900s and the styling has barely changed.  Because the cost of the leather is higher it’s important to know what you are buying.  Read on to find out what to consider when you purchase your next alligator belt.

alligator belt

Is it Real Alligator

Although it might seem obvious, when investing in an alligator belt you have to make sure the leather is real.  Like other higher end items, there are loads of fakes on the market.  So how do you tell?

  • Feel and Smell the Belt.  If the leather is fake there likely will be no smell and it will feel similar to plastic.  A real alligator hide is thicker than the artificial imitations
  • Is it too Shiny?  Many tanneries do offer a finish with a sheen, but if the belt looks excessively shiny it likely is artificial.
  • Does it look natural?  Take a real close look at the belt.  While you inspect it, look for imperfections such as uneven scales, spots and small bumps.  If there belt is real you should be able to find several of these imperfections on the hide.  If not, it is more than likely manufactured and fake.

Where is it From

When you are purchasing a handcrafted alligator belt ask the purveyor where they get their leather from.  This should be an easy question to answer.  Locally sourced leather is the best because you know the quality you are getting.  Native Sand alligator belts are sourced from an alligator farm just 20 miles from our Downtown Melbourne retail store.  When you have a real relationship with the source you know what you are getting.

Proper Construction

Any hand crafted belt should be durable.  Alligator belts are no exception.  Make sure the buckle and rivets look to be of a good quality.  Native Sand belts only use solid brass buckles so they last.  Look at the stitching to make sure it is even and tight.  The back of the alligator belt should be lined for durability.

alligator belt

Ethete Carries the Best Alligator Belt Options

We are so proud to carry Native Sand alligator belts in addition to a wide selection of other men’s brands that include clothing and accessories.  We only offer the best quality items possible.  Stop by our downtown Melbourne retail store or shop online anytime at  We are open daily, make sure to check out our Instagram and Facebook pages!

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